BannerService Retrieves and modifies the banner shown in the XL Deploy GUI
ControlService Provides access to control methods defined on CIs.
DeploymentService Deployment management
EnvironmentService Retrieves information about Environments: which DeployedApplications and which Hosts are there in an environment? A User must have READ permission on the environment to obtain the requested info.
ExternalProperty Tagging interface to indicate an external value for a property.
HostService Retrieves information about Hosts: which DeployedApplications have deployeds on this host, and which environments does this host take part in? The user must have READ access to the specified host.
IDictionary Provide methods to get a value by key from a storage.
InspectionService Inspects middleware.
MetadataService Provides XL Deploy's metadata: available types, permissions and orchestrators.
PackageService Manages Deployment Packages.
PermissionService Manages permissions in XL Deploy.
PlaceholderService Information about placeholders
PluginResource API for managing plugins.
QueueService Provides insights into Deploy's task queue: queued tasks, queue summary.
ReportService Retrieves reports for Deployment or Control Tasks A User must have a REPORT_VIEW permission to be able to run these operations.
RepositoryService Provides access to the XL Deploy repository.
RoleService Manages the roles in XL Deploy's security system.
SatelliteService Services related to XL Satellites and hosts attached to them.
ServerService Services related to the operation of the XL Deploy server process.
TaskBlockService Manages tasks with blocks on the XL Deploy Server.
TaskService Manages tasks on the XL Deploy Server.(Deprecated)
UserService Manages users in XL Deploy's internal user repository.