Release Manual 8.5.x

    Upgrade instructions

    XL Deploy 8.0.0 shipped with a new SQL database backend. For detailed instructions, refer to Migrate XL Deploy data storage to an SQL database.

    For upgrade instructions, refer to Upgrade XL Deploy.

    Important: If you plan to skip versions when you upgrade, ensure that you read the version-specific upgrade notes for each intermediate version. You may be required to perform manual actions as part of the upgrade.

    If you are upgrading from XL Deploy version 8.0.x, make sure you view the release manuals for XL Deploy 8.1.x and XL Deploy 8.2.x.

    XL Deploy 8.5.8

    XL Deploy 8.5.8 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-14185] - Optimize inefficient SQL queries for GET deployment/dictionary

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-15422] - Custom deployable that is defined separately from deployed cannot be exported from XLD
    • [DEPL-15758] - Plugins still out of sync in Satellites after running "Sync Plugins"
    • [DEPL-15840] - Adding large numbers of dictionaries results in data being added to the 'ci' column
    • [DEPL-15841] - Getting error "Cannot convert null to CiPKType" while executing command through XL CLI
    • [DEPL-15924] - XL apply command doesn't work for nested directories with non admin user
    • [DEPL-15997] - Password under maven flag in xl-deploy.conf encryption

    XL Deploy 8.5.7

    XL Deploy 8.5.7 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-15285] - Both nodes in a two-node cluster are shown in standby mode
    • [DEPL-15126] - HTTP 401 error when Importing a DAR package from Maven without using credentials
    • [DEPL-15140] - Incorrect generated plan for the step order upon adding additional dependency on the deployeds
    • [DEPL-15247] - XLD - Password showing in plain text (system.conf)

    XL Deploy 8.5.6

    XL Deploy 8.5.6 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-14391] - Wrong message if to upload not existing dar file from CLI
    • [DEPL-14713] - REST API 'rolePattern' function gives empty collection for /security/role/v2/principals and roles
    • [DEPL-14897] - Improved logging when server fails to start due to licence issues
    • [DEPL-14963] - Investigate Patch third-party vulnerable components scope and impact
    • [DEPL-15042] - SQL password with special characters not working correctly

    XL Deploy 8.5.5

    XL Deploy 8.5.5 release notes


    • [DEPL-14672] - Move BOM detection out of xl-platform/udm-plugin-api

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-13775] - Linefeeds are converted to spaces when pasting the content of a private key file as text into a dictionaries value
    • [DEPL-14606] - JCR to SQL migration fails with "failed to build path" for nodes

    XL Deploy 8.5.4

    XL Deploy 8.5.4 release notes


    • [DEPL-14330] - Performance improvement for UI slowness when XL Deploy has many user/roles & permissions
    • [DEPL-14479] - Temporary files are not always removed from the temporary directory
    • [DEPL-14472] - Deployment plan generation performance improvement
    • [DEPL-14489] - Notifications are not sent when satellite is used

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-12667] - Double-clicking on the deploy button creates two deployment tasks
    • [DEPL-13287] - The first deployment preview after starting XL Deploy takes over a minute to generate
    • [DEPL-13968] - Toaster notification regression when deploying deployable where the name is a placeholder
    • [DEPL-14166] - Files with encoding UTF-16 are not scanned for placeholders
    • [DEPL-14188] - Migration fails when values in XL_VERSION are null
    • [DEPL-14281] - Inconsistency of the undeploy steps in update deployment and undeployment
    • [DEPL-14312] - Step executor allows infinite retries in case of misformed configuration
    • [DEPL-14365] - Database plugin does not sanitize properly when password contains symbols like *
    • [DEPL-14468] - Fixed error "The application has encountered an unknown error" after login
    • [DEPL-14469] - Update of composite package deployment causes all deployment steps to disappear
    • [DEPL-14485] - ExecutionContext.getRepository() is NULL for a step, if the step is running in parallel with other containers (parallel-by-* Orchestration)
    • [DEPL-14491] - Deployment plan generation error using BIG IP plugin
    • [DEPL-14538] - Setup does not set the correct HTTP port for SSL

    XL Deploy 8.5.3

    XL Deploy 8.5.3 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-14251] - Support custom archive extensions for scanning and replacing
    • [DEPL-14405] - Changed license expiration text


    • [DEPL-14237] - Improved time for dragging and dropping a large deployment package and environment on the deployment windows

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-14150] - Role screen not showing overflow indicator correctly
    • [DEPL-14175] - Improved performance of migrating large repositories
    • [DEPL-14178] - More text overlaps list of "Principals" on the page "Roles"
    • [DEPL-14303] - Increased maximum number of expressions in a list during upgrade deployment with 600+ deployables
    • [DEPL-14313] - Not all local permissions are being shown
    • [DEPL-14325] - Fix mapping of validation errors in required deployments
    • [DEPL-14392] - Fixed miss-aligned columns in "Global Permissions"

    XL Deploy 8.5.2

    XL Deploy 8.5.2 release notes


    • [DEPL-14126] - Improve Input hint validation message when down-stream mandatory field is left empty

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-14138] - Database plugin error when doing rollback
    • [DEPL-14182] - NPE when invoking xl generate on an XL Deploy repo that has deployment checks configured
    • [DEPL-14183] - xl generate should not include deployeds; tomcat.WarModule CIs are included
    • [DEPL-14190] - Licensed hosts counting issue
    • [DEPL-14214] - XL Deploy -setup -reinitialize overwrites http.port to 0 in deployit.conf that leads to an error
    • [DEPL-14222] - Remove applyDeployfile and generateDeployfile from CLI

    XL Deploy 8.5.1

    XL Deploy 8.5.1 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-14139] - Use SECUREFILE for lob table storage on Oracle

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-14121] - License counter issue
    • [DEPL-14136] - Deployment of windows.ServiceSpec fails with credentials issue
    • [DEPL-14161] - View As Role feature broken
    • [DEPL-14162] - Deploying file.Folder throws NPE if server.mapping.override.deployed.fields.on.update is false
    • [DEPL-14164] - REST endpoint allows duplicates to be created
    • [DEPL-14165] - IBM Java and self-signed certificate gives error

    XL Deploy 8.5.0

    XL Deploy 8.5.0 is a long-term support (LTS) version that will be supported for a year after it is superseded by the next major LTS release. For more information, see the Short-term support/Long-term support policy.

    XL Deploy 8.5.0 new features

    Added satellite group summary view

    Added a summary view for satellite groups in XL Deploy. This view provides information about the satellite group, helps you manage satellites and monitor their health from the XL Deploy user interface. For more information, see View satellite group information.

    Implemented input hints support for CI properties

    The new input hint feature enables XL Deploy plugin developers to build in hints that guide users through the process of creating complex configuration items. Hints can inform users about valid values for a configuration item property or show users what type of data is expected in a property (for example, an integer or a Boolean). Input hints help ensure that users specify the right data before deployment time, so they can resolve potential deployment errors earlier in the process.

    In addition to the input hint framework that plugin developers can use, the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform 8.5.0 adds input hints to XebiaLabs' integration with AWS, so users who deploy applications to AWS will receive best-practice guidance when they create configuration items. For more information, see Add input hints in configuration items.

    User Interface enhancements

    Added several improvements to the XL Deploy graphical user interface:

    • Filter monitoring page and report data for better visibility You can now filter information in XL Deploy task monitors and reports by one or more task states, so it’s easier for teams to focus on groups of tasks, such as those that are failing. This feature also makes it easier for teams to find completed tasks and review detailed report data.
    • You can now manage local user accounts in the graphical user interface
    • The screens for managing global permissions and local permissions load more efficiently and are easier to use
    • You can delete multiple configuration items at once, using the Explorer tree
    • As of version 8.5.0, the Task Monitor section from the Explorer has been renamed to Monitoring and contains the Deployment tasks, Control tasks, and the Satellites overview page.

    DevOps as Code

    DevOps As Code provides an alternative way for developers and other technical users to define deployment packages, infrastructure, environments, release templates, and more, using YAML files that they can store in source control with the application code.

    With DevOps As Code, development teams can use the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform by adding a YAML file to their development project and applying it using the XebiaLabs CLI. The DevOps as Code feature automatically creates the configuration items that are required and starts the release pipeline. For more information, see Get started with DevOps as Code.

    The XebiaLabs CLI

    The XebiaLabs command-line interface (CLI) enables development teams to apply YAML files to the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform to create configuration items, releases, and more. The XL CLI can also export data as YAML files from both XL Release and XL Deploy. Teams can get started with the DevOps as Code using the data they have already defined in the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform.

    You can automatically invoke the XL CLI from Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines running in tools such as Jenkins, Azure DevOps, and TravisCI. You are not required to download and install a plugin. An XL CLI command in the CI pipeline can apply YAML files and kick off releases in the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform. For more information, see Install the XL Command Line Interface.

    Implement best practices using blueprints

    The XL CLI includes support for blueprints that guide developers through a process that automatically generates the XL YAML files for their application. A blueprint asks the user a short series of questions about their application and the type of environment it requires. The CLI uses the answers to generate everything a development team needs to get started with XebiaLabs: YAML files to define configuration items and releases and special configuration files that manage sensitive data such as passwords.

    Organizations can use the blueprint framework to create blueprints that reflect their own standard application, infrastructure, and environment profiles. XebiaLabs provides sample blueprints with best practices built-in that you can use to migrate from on-premises infrastructure and legacy middleware to cloud-based platforms. For more information, see Get started with blueprints.

    Changed the encrypted data format

    As of version 8.5.0, XL Deploy uses AES-256 to encrypt sensitive information such as passwords. The purpose of this update is to improve the security for XL Deploy data. If you are upgrading to XL Deploy version 8.5.0, the encrypted data is stored in the new format. You can use the old format to create and update any CIs through the XL Deploy public APIs and the values will be converted to the new format.


    Old format: user.password={b64}j4MbPnUkedK4SHpjraxZHg\=\=

    New format: user.password={aes\:v0}vEWwVYoSXqKXW+1Zro5u4KwFiMfsQJ0TJBeTsmtXgv8\=

    Contact XebiaLabs Support if you have hotfixes

    If you have hotfixes installed, contact the XebiaLabs support team before upgrading.

    XL Deploy 8.5.0 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-12546] - Inform users when their session has timed out
    • [DEPL-13299] - Add possibility to delete internal users
    • [DEPL-13300] - Create add and edit user dialog
    • [DEPL-13340] - Add pagination to Roles and Permission pages (global and folder specific)
    • [DEPL-13343] - Bring back Logback-Access logger
    • [DEPL-13440] - Highlight changes to deployed properties made at deploy-time in Audit Log
    • [DEPL-13541] - Removed "Filter" button from reporting screens
    • [DEPL-13668] - Add support to hard cancel a task if it's blocked
    • [DEPL-13685] - Create Satellite Group empty page containing satellite overview instead of Dip View
    • [DEPL-13687] - Create Satellite Overview page containing satellite overview
    • [DEPL-13689] - Create Deployment Tasks section with filters for Satellite Group page
    • [DEPL-13690] - Create Hosts section with filter for Satellite Group page
    • [DEPL-13691] - Create multi select component for use in the filters - Checkboxes
    • [DEPL-13692] - Add sorting for the User list page
    • [DEPL-13693] - Support multiple users and/or states in the search criteria (for filters)
    • [DEPL-13696] - Add icons to actions on User Management pages and CI Edit permissions
    • [DEPL-13698] - Change the style of the task states in the tables
    • [DEPL-13699] - Add a new icon for Satellite group
    • [DEPL-13731] - Input hinting syntax changes
    • [DEPL-13735] - Enable input hint warnings in the AWS Plugin
    • [DEPL-13737] - Consistent property naming across project using CopyFromProperty
    • [DEPL-13749] - Create Satellite section for Satellite Group page without bulk actions
    • [DEPL-13798] - Change the style of the Satellite states
    • [DEPL-13861] - Mechanism to check or uncheck all permissions in a row
    • [DEPL-13871] - Provide correct feedback to a user after adding or deleting items in the "Users" and "Roles" windows
    • [DEPL-13902] - Create satellite group section in satellite overview screen (in a list of blocks)
    • [DEPL-13956] - Include input-hints to /deployit/metadata/type
    • [DEPL-13957] - Validate changes on the "onChange" event on every component
    • [DEPL-13958] - Change the behavior of Save and Save Close buttons
    • [DEPL-13967] - Implement all entry points for the Satellites overview page
    • [DEPL-13972] - Add possibility to hard restart satellite
    • [DEPL-13976] - Improve Type Hinting Warning Texts
    • [DEPL-13979] - Make the "Satellites" node under "Monitoring" visible only when license allows it
    • [DEPL-13980] - Make the satellite row in the satellites list section clickable
    • [DEPL-13981] - Add navigation support to Hosts sections of the Satellite screen
    • [DEPL-13994] - New visual representation for Satellite groups on the Satellite overview screen
    • [DEPL-14002] - Change the Time Out for the error and notification messages to 10 seconds
    • [DEPL-14021] - Removed "Generate Deploy File" option from the CI menu
    • [DEPL-14030] - Show the value as part of the AWS Region Label
    • [DEPL-14058] - Improve selection between AES-128 and AES-256 Encryption


    • [DEPL-12695] - Allow tags to be set on a deployed container
    • [DEPL-13324] - Create user list page
    • [DEPL-13723] - Security fix for PowerShell
    • [DEPL-13781] - Adding 5000+ roles increases response time up to 6000ms
    • [DEPL-13875] - Remove redundant properties from XlReactWidgetAutocomplete
    • [DEPL-13992] - Create consistent messages for when there is no data on the Satellites screens

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-12166] - Trying to open a cancelled control task from Monitoring results in a blank tab
    • [DEPL-12539] - WAS Live Compare is showing an invalid response
    • [DEPL-12974] - When creating a new CI in explorer tree, the node is added as if it contains children
    • [DEPL-13450] - Package Retention Policy does not remove versions as expected
    • [DEPL-13606] - Avoid leaking work directories for tasks (for instance on failure)
    • [DEPL-13679] - Server default secure port is wrong (4516), should be 4517
    • [DEPL-13686] - Fixed performance issue when dictionaries have too many elements
    • [DEPL-13727] - Deleting a referenced deployment package results in child artifacts being deleted
    • [DEPL-13747] - Fixed placeholder substitution in deployit.conf
    • [DEPL-13765] - Only localhosts are shown in hosts overview page for satellite
    • [DEPL-13827] - XL Deploy does not sanitize invalid XML characters in task step log
    • [DEPL-13853] - It is possible to create a role with an empty name via http API
    • [DEPL-13854] - GUI Permission Issue when moving CIs to different folders
    • [DEPL-13859] - Allow changing the artifact directory (via xl-deploy.conf) after first time setup
    • [DEPL-13877] - Wrong text characters for Placeholders field description
    • [DEPL-13885] - Undeploying an OpenShift Project leaves rhe XL Deploy task in an unresolvable state
    • [DEPL-13893] - Issue with placeholders scan on Kubernetes ConfigMap with Jenkins Packaging
    • [DEPL-13905] - Removed deprecated Deployfile functionality
    • [DEPL-13955] - Migration issue with Oracle Database
    • [DEPL-13963] - AES Encryption optimization (IV)
    • [DEPL-13971] - AES Encryption enhancement
    • [DEPL-13988] - Double-clicking on the deploy button rapidly results in 2 concurrent deployments
    • [DEPL-13989] - Powershell script execution failing using Powershell plugin 8.0.10
    • [DEPL-13990] - The icon for Show/Hide filters is not changing
    • [DEPL-14028] - java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer
    • [DEPL-14029] - Exclude control task parameters from templates
    • [DEPL-14031] - Frontend input hint does not replace placeholders inside message
    • [DEPL-14034] - Unable to make already created credentials as default credentials
    • [DEPL-14035] - Fix character case
    • [DEPL-14060] - Allow the migration of the Jackrabbit repository without DataStore
    • [DEPL-14097] - CLI does not allow interactive input of username when CLI_HOME/conf/deployit.conf exists