Python Plugin Reference 8.5.x

    CI Reference

    Configuration Item Overview


    python.PythonManagedDeployed The supertype of all Deployeds.

    Configuration Item Details


    Virtual Type
    Type Hierarchy udm.BaseDeployed >> udm.BaseConfigurationItem
    Interfaces udm.Deployed, udm.EmbeddedDeployedContainer

    The supertype of all Deployeds.

    container: CI<udm.Container>
    The container on which this deployed runs.
      Public properties
    deployable: CI<udm.Deployable>
    The deployable that this deployed is derived from.
      Hidden properties
    discoverOrder: INTEGER = 50
    The order in which a discover step will be executed.
    boundConfigurationItems: SET_OF_CI<udm.ConfigurationItem>
    The set of created CIs.
    exposeDeployedApplication: BOOLEAN
    Flag to indicate whether the deployed application CI is to be injected to the Python script execution context.
    libraryScripts: LIST_OF_STRING
    List of scripts to be appended to the deployed's runtime script