These are the public REST services exposed by the XL Deploy Server. Note that the XL Deploy REST API can be accessed via a URL of the form: http://[host]:[port]/[context-root]/deployit/[service-resource]. Example: http://localhost:4516/deployit/control

ControlService Provides access to control methods defined on CIs.
DeploymentService Deployment management
InspectionService Inspects middleware.
MetadataService Provides XL Deploy's metadata: available types, permissions and orchestrators.
PackageService Manages Deployment Packages.
PermissionService Manages permissions in XL Deploy.
RepositoryService Provides access to the XL Deploy repository.
RoleService Manages the roles in XL Deploy's security system.
ServerService Services related to the operation of the XL Deploy server process.
TaskBlockService Manages tasks with blocks on the XL Deploy Server.
TaskService Manages tasks on the XL Deploy Server.
UserService Manages users in XL Deploy's internal user repository.