Deployment Group Orchestrator Plugin Manual


    This document describes the functionality provided by the Deployment Group Orchestrator plugin.

    See the XL Deploy Reference Manual for background information on XL Deploy and deployment concepts.


    Orchestrators in XL Deploy define the strategies used to combine the steps for the individual component changes into an overall deployment workflow. The default orchestrator, for instance, “interleaves” all individual component changes by running all steps of a given order for all components.

    The sequential-by-deployment-group and parallel-by-deployment-group orchestrators group steps based on the deployment group synthetic property on a container. All component changes for a given container are put in the same group and all groups are combined into a single (sequential or parallel) deployment workflow. This allows fine-grained control over which containers are deployed to together.

    The deprecated group-based orchestrator has the same effect as the sequential-by-deployment-group orchestrator.

    Types of group based Orchestrators

    • sequential-by-deployment-group Enforce a sequential deployment order based on the deployment group property
    • parallel-by-deployment-group Enforce a parallel deployment order based on the deployment group property
    • group-based Same as sequential-by-deployment-group. It is kept for backward compatibility


    • Assign containers to a deployment group
    • Orchestrate a deployment so all steps dealing with containers in the same deployment group are grouped together
    • Support for parallel execution, see parallel-by-deployment-group


    When parallel-by-deployment-group is used, the orchestrator will generate a parallel plan. The group orchestrator will parallelize execution plan by deployment groups, i.e each deployment group will be executed in parallel.


    The plugin requires:

    • XL Deploy: version 4.0+